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MehrParvar Provides Legal Services for Iranian People Who Have Residency in Foreign Countries

With eminent and well known attorneys, lawyers and counsellors in Iran with 25 years of experience;

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One of the major complications that Iranian people face when they have residency outside of Iran, is opting an impeccable lawyer with excellent reputation in order to pursue their legal actions in Iran. Our legal department is honored to represent the finest and adroit attorneys with 25 years of experience in order to offer the most resounding lawful services with the lowest level of cost and fees to our compatriots who leave abroad.

Impeccable services with the most economical charges

Free telephone consultations from Saturday to Wednesday

Pursuing all classes of lawsuit

  • All real state, land and municipality issues such as renting and purchasing
  • Inheritance and legacy matters
  • Divorcing and children custody
  • Restrictions in leaving the country
  • Adjusting all sorts of professional agreements namely in constructions, transactions, exporting, importing and so forth.   
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