About Us

By 10 years’ experience of the directors, Mehr Parvar LLC founded in Tehran. It is working to provide immigration and investment services in Europe and Sultanate of Oman. Our branches in Iran, Iraq and Oman would be honor to provide the following areas with emphasis on maintaining quality of service and honesty in providing more guidance to the clients.
About Us

Registration company in Europe and Oman

We provide company registration, making business plan, opening branch of existed companies in your own country, marketing and advertisement services and …. in countries such as Oman, Montenegro and Serbia with the assistance of local attorneys and experts.

Residence permit in Europe and Oman

We are able to obtain residency in European countries such as Serbia and Montenegro and also Sultanate of Oman with the lowest cost in fastest ways with the maximum peace of mind. In this area, all services are provided by the help of first-class lawyers from the countries in question.

Investment in Europe and Oman

We guide you to have an investment in properties or ready businesses in the countries such as Montenegro, Serbia and Oman.

Our international attorneys and economy experts would help you to make the best decision and invest in perfect way.

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